Fashion + Product Photography

I’m an advertising creative with a background in film and TV production. I’ve been fortunate to work with talented people throughout my career and have directed high-profile shoots at international locations. I love to travel and enjoy capturing breathtaking beauty, whether it’s for fashion, lifestyle, editorials, architecture, product, food, travel or landscapes.

To better accommodate my clients’ needs, I’ve recently expanded my services to include full content creation, including photo and video production, retouching and post-production.

Clients needing content with a Hawaiian backdrop can send their products to me and I am able to art direct and help find just the perfect Oahu locations, models, crew, and MUA/H artists for my clients’ photo campaigns.

I also provide monthly photo shoot subscriptions for influencers and brands who need continual social media content.

Please drop me an “aloha!” at if you want to talk more about how we can take your visual brand advertising to the next level.